Reviewers Guidelines

Upon receipt of a manuscript, the editors will first evaluate whether it fits within the publishing profile of the journal and meets basic standards of quality. The editors will make the final decision regarding acceptance/rejection of the manuscript. 


As a peer reviewer for Nordic Studies in Education we ask you to provide an in-depth evaluation of the manuscript.  When evaluating the article, please consider at least all of the following aspects, and write a brief summary in relation to each of them. Please present suggestions for improvement, and include suggested references when required. Finally, provide an overall assessment and recommendation.

1. Originality

Is the article sufficiently novel and interesting to warrant publication? Does it add to the canon of knowledge? Does the article adhere to the journal's standards? Is the research question an important one? Are there any important works and /or perspectives that have been omitted? Have ethical guidelines been followed?

2. Structure

Is the article clearly laid out? Are all elements required for following the argumentation present? Consider each of these in turn, and provide feedback.

3. Language and formal aspects

Is the language of the article of sufficient quality? Are references, headings, footnotes and other elements in expected form?

4. Nordic dimension

Does the manuscript address and/or relate to Nordic dimensions of education and educational research?

Recommendation to the Editor

Having completed your review, provide a short summary statement, and indicate clearly which of the following alternatives you recommend. For alternatives 2-4, make sure your review provides sufficient arguments for the recommendation.

    1. Accept manuscript (i.e. no need for any revision)
    2. Revision required (i.e. accepted if the author makes the requested small revisions)
    3. Resubmit for review ( such cases the paper will be sent out for another peer review round)
    4. Decline submission (i.e. if the manuscript is substandard) 

Note that reviewing needs to be conducted confidentially. The article you have been asked to review should not be disclosed to a third party. Please do not reveal your name within the text of your review.