Skolledarskap i Sverige: en forskningsöversikt 2014–2018

  • Lars Norqvist Umeå universitet, Sverige
  • Pär Poromaa Isling Umeå universitet, Sverige


The purpose of this research overview is to understand the main contemporary research objects that characterizes the research field of school leadership in Sweden. Published literature within the field between 2014 and 2018 together with a mapping of research interests from 99 university teachers in the state funded education programme for principals, form the understandings of the field. The results indicate that the field is constituted by the interests of foremost understanding governance, policy, inspection and school leaders work and pedagogical leadership. A need of systems thinking, investigations of skills and competences, and lack of critical research are examples that calls for new directions in future studies within the field.

school leadership, Sweden, school leaders, principal, education