Barns övergång från förskola till skola: en multipel fallstudie om övergångsaktiviteter

  • Johanna Lundqvist Mälardalens högskola, Sverige
  • Margareta Sandström Mälardalens högskola, Sverige


The aim of this study was to study children’s transitions from preschool to school in two municipalities in Sweden and also activities that were intended to make these transitions effective. A mixed method approach and a multiple-case study design were used. The result showed that children’s transitions from preschool to school differed, that several transition activities were performed, that transition activities were general or extra and also proximal or distal – seen from a child perspective. Several development areas appeared as being particularly important when working towards improvement of preschool-school transitions.

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early school years, educational transitions, gifted and talented children, special educational needs, transition activities