För vem finns planer att motverka kränkningar och diskriminering i förskolan?


DOI: https://doi.org/10.23865/nse.v42.3342


The aim is to discuss in what ways annually written plans regarding preschool could support the work to counteract abusive treatment and discrimination. The empirical material consists of 89 documents. The result shows three different forms of plans; rendering-, descriptive- and analysis-based plans where the former completely lack of contextual anchoring. The results are discussed in relation to Ball’s concepts performativity and fabrications. This article discusses how performative control, including ability to measure, evaluate and compare preschools, can influence the teachers to fabricate the content. This study can give further knowledge of how these plans can be understood and for whom they are written.

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Anna Rantala, Umeå Universitet, Sverige

Centrum för skolledarutveckling

Mia Heikkilä, Åbo Akademi, Finland

Fakulteten för pedagogik och välfärdsstudier



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Rantala, A., & Heikkilä, M. (2022). För vem finns planer att motverka kränkningar och diskriminering i förskolan?. Nordic Studies in Education, 42(2), 194–210. https://doi.org/10.23865/nse.v42.3342





abusive treatment, discrimination, fabrications, performativity