Dannelse i pædagogisk praksis – om den praktiske nødvendighed og anvendelighed af et sensibiliserende sprog og en ikke-forudsigende didaktik

  • Thomas Iskov VIA University College, Danmark
  • Niels Tange VIA University College, Danmark


In regards of teaching in lower and secondary schools the article pursues an empirical answer to how it is possible to talk about and accommodate pupils formation without defining, predicting and instrumentalizing the teaching practice. An action research project combined with practice-theoretical analyzes of teachers approach to formation shows, that language and concepts about formation must be open and sensitizing. Furthermore it is shown that teaching should be intentional but not causal, which underlines that teaching is experimental also in terms of planning and development. Finally a model is presented, which seeks to clarify important characteristics of what is described as a pedagogical reconsideration, that formation-oriented teaching must rely on.

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formation in school, pedagogy, practice-theory, bildung