“We Want to Be Educated!” A Thematic Analysis of Gifted Students’ Views on Education in Norway


Norwegian educational policy focuses on inclusive, equivalent, and adapted education for all. We followed procedures for an inductive thematic approach to explore the educational experiences of seventeen gifted students (age twelve – fifteen). The inductive thematic analysis revealed three key themes: the educational system, the joy of learning, and problematic issues concerning school and learning. Our results are discussed in light of educational policy and Gagné’s Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent, and indicate that the Norwegian educational system does not meet these gifted students’ needs at either the individual or systemic levels. This study is vital for gaining a better understanding of the Norwegian perspective as well as the wider Nordic setting.

Author Biographies

Astrid Lenvik, University of Bergen, Norway

Department of Education

Elisabeth Hesjedal, University of Bergen, Norway

Department of Education

Lise Øen Jones, University of Bergen, Norway

Department of Psychosocial Science

gifted education, primary school, secondary school, inductive thematic analysis, educational policy