Barnehagepedagogikk og politikk som det å vise nomadisk venting

  • Anne Beate Reinertsen Høgskolen i Østfold, Norge


This article is about immanent knowledge practices, non-linear pedagogies and/as policy. Voice is given to unconscious knowledge processes without removing the same processes from logical reasoning or justification. My hypothesis and claim is that complexity is closeness to the practice field, and that reaching goals of meaning-making, knowledge creation, learning and development lies in being open to the art of not knowing and through nomadic waiting. Provisional processes crossing provisional borders enable translations and interpretations beyond known vocabularies in unfinished channels. Not-knowing, patience and radical doubt become prerequisites for taking the position of the child and may develop into a strong source of energy for learning and change.

post representative pedagogy, process philosophy, dataphilosophy, non-knowledge positioning, axiology, necessary subjectivity, end of critique