Towards a few ideals in the concept of teaching. Teaching as a vehicle in education

  • Harri Pitkäniemi School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education, University of Eastern Finland


Recently researchers have become increasingly aware of the value of the concept of teaching as an implementer of educational goals. At least many of Gert Biesta’s recent theoretical-conceptual studies on teaching and the teacher provide indications of this. It is all about finding teaching again, but not exactly in the same sense as before. It is possible to conceptually highlight aspects of teaching that emphasize its value. This unique value can be expressed through a teleological model combined with a modern view of causality, i.e., teaching works as a complex and reciprocal process. The causal mechanism can be traced by using close conceptual analysis, which leads us to essential power categories: There are potential structures for student learning (within which all factors are not always activated), moreover, teaching intentions are indispensable.

education, teaching, learning, educational philosophy, discourse